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Auschwitz Birkenau tour

German forces occupying Poland set up Auschwitz in 1940 as a labour camp for Polish prisoners, gradually expanding it into a vast labour and death camp.

* The complex contained three camps and at least 36 sub-camps which were built outside the town of Oswiecim, on an isolated 15 sq mile site, between 1940-1942.
* Auschwitz I was built for Polish political prisoners in June 1940.
* Auschwitz II or Birkenau, built in October 1941, held more than 100,000 and was the main site of mass killings. Gas chambers and crematoria capable of disposing of about 2,000 a day were built at Birkenau. By 1944 some 6,000 a day were being killed.
* Auschwitz III supplied forced-labour for the nearby I G Farben plant.
* Between 1.2-1.5 million people died at the camps, of whom about 1 million were Jewish.
* Other groups of people who died included Polish political prisoners, Soviet prisoners of war, Gypsies, homosexuals, people with disabilities and prisoners of conscience or religious faith.
* The camp was liberated by Soviet soldiers on January 27, 1945.
* About 200,000 inmates of the camp between 1940-45 survived.
* Out of a total of about 7,000 guards at Auschwitz, including 170 female staff, 750 were prosecuted and punished once Nazi Germany was defeated.

I f you wish we will arrange a service for you to Auschwitz &Birkenau. The best time to leave Krakow is between 7 and 11am. An English speaking driver will pick You up from your Hotel/Hoste/Apartment. The way by mini bus from Krakow to Auschwitz takes about one hour. An average time of visit Auschwitz is about 2 hours, Birkenau about hour. Admission to the museum is free. Most of people visiting Auschwitz on they own (free of charge - we give you a guide book), or if you wish you can join to the English tour. The fee is 39zloty = 10euros each per person (reduced ticket for students under 25 years is 28zloty=7euros) Our driver will be waiting for you in Auschwitz at the parking. Distance from Krakow to Auschwitz is 65 kilometres = 40 miles, distance between Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau) is only 3 kilometres = 1,8 miles

Sightseeing of Auschwitz from the 1st May until 31st October is payable. Everyone entering the Auschwitz I site from 10:00am until 3:00pm. Must be accompanied by a museum guide. The fee is about 39zloty (reduced for students under 25years is 28zloty). Visitors who wish to visit a camp on they own have to enter before 10:00 or after 3:00pm.


2 Persons3 Persons4 to 8 PersonsMore Persons

All prices presented in the table above are in Euro/PLN per person
Entrance tickets not included in the price.

What's included

• Meeting at appointed place (eg. at your hotel, apartment etc.)
• Transport to and from (eg. to Auschwitz and return)
• Door to door service (car,van,bus will be only for You)
• Assurance of safety and professionalism
• Total cost of transport, fuel, parking cost, drinks
• Third party liability insurance

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